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Heartworm Information

How Heartworm Happens:

The Life Cycle First, adult female heartworms release their young, called microfilaria, into an animal's bloodstream. Then, mosquitoes become infected with microfilaria while taking blood meal from the infected animal. During the next 10 to 14 days, the microfilaria mature to the infective larval stage within the mosquito. After that, the mosquito bites another dog, cat or other susceptible animal, and the infective larvae enter through the bit....

Oak View Animal Hospital

Protect Your Pet During Flea and Tick Season

Fleas live outdoors and hitchhike their way inside on pets or people. Fleas live in moist, shady areas, including lawn thatch, mulch, leaf litter, woodpiles, crawl spaces and beneath porches or decks. Squirrels are one of the biggest flea carriers, along with other wildlife (rabbits, groundhogs, opossums, etc.).

When fleas are found on a pet, unfortunately they only represent a small fraction of an infestation. The immature stages (eggs, larvae and pupae) can usually be ....